Cockroach Pest Control Services

There are variety of Cockroaches species occurs in an India. Out of American cockroaches, Brown banded cockroaches, German cockroaches are most commonly occurring cockroach’s species. These type of cockroaches occurs in Offices, Schools, Colleges, Homes, Kitchens and the places where they get humid environment. Mostly the dark places, Unhygenicity attracts the cockroaches more. Open Drainages, Sewage water etc are attracts the cockroaches more. Hire the best Cockroach Pest Control Services in Mumbai o get rid of Cockroach problem.

The humid environment is the most suitable condition to grow bacteria’s available on cockroach’s bodies. The cockroaches are responsible to spread these bacteria from one to another body & ultimately it will have caused contaminate foods & other materials unhygienically. Cockroaches spread diseases like Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Food Poisoning, Allergens leading to asthma etc. Hence control on cockroaches is necessity.

We at Core Pest Control having well-advanced techniques to control on Cockroaches like pests. Our Trained Person personally visited at the site and suggest needful techniques to control on pests. Few of Treatment mentioned below:

Gel Treatment by Pest Control Services for Cockroaches

In this Gel is applied at every root from where chances of cockroaches come & this type of gel is harmless to human beings. This is odourless & very effective that cockroaches won’t be return back upto 1 year. This gel is so powerful that it will harm not only the cockroaches but also nearby cockroaches even after 24 hours of gel apply.

There are two methods to apply gel. Once in which gel in applied with the help of syringe. Gel is applied through syringe at every effected area. The cockroaches get attracted and spread the chemical along with to other cockroaches. This treatment is 100% safe to human beings &kids too. We provide effective pest control services for cockroches.

The second method in which gel is mixed with any food & it is kept places where chances of getting cockroaches more.

Mostly our customer used first technique. Whatever chemicals we are using are safe to human body.

In our Gel Treatment we suggest our customer not to leave the premises during & after treatment & also there is no need to empty kitchens before treatment.

Spray Treatment

It is simple treatment as compare to Gel treatment. In this chemical is sprayed on infected area. But in this case customer need to take special precautions with respect to kitchen appliances. Any type of food is to be kept with seal condition.

Both the treatments are easy to apply and does not effects on kids or human beings.

Annual Maintenance Contract

For Cockroaches Control we provide 3 treatments per year depending upon the severity. Charges are applied as per each setting.












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